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Latin Dance: Your Dance Journey with Caliente Dance Studio

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Caliente Dance Studio in Singapore is the place to start if you've ever wanted to move gracefully and confidently on the dance floor. Caliente invites everyone, regardless of experience level, to explore the love of latin dancing with a dynamic and welcoming community, an extensive latin dance education system, and flexible class schedules.​

🌟 Our six-tiered approach offers a comprehensive dance education for students of all levels, ensuring that you find the perfect class to match your abilities and aspirations:​Our inclusive and educational environment caters to students at all stages of their dance journey, providing classes tailored to your unique skillset.

Level 1 - Foundation

This beginner-friendly class teaches you the fundamentals of dance, covering basic steps and rhythms, and helping you get comfortable with the music. In each session you will be drilling your basics steps and every week, 1 new move will be added. The classes are independent to each other and repeat every 4 weeks.

Level 2 - Improver

Ideal for Students who have mastered the basics, this class expands on your Level 1 skills by introducing 1 or 2 new moves per session. We'll also review the basic steps to ensure your foundation remains strong, as you explore more intricate and elaborate techniques.

Each class is independent to each other and repeat every 4 weeks.

Level 3 - Intermediate

In this thrilling level, you'll combine moves from previous levels while learning additional Level 3 moves. These advanced steps are woven together into captivating combinations that you can dance during the class. This ever-challenging and fun class is perfect for experienced dancers looking to push their limits and refine their artistry.

Each class is independent to each other and repeat every 12 weeks.

Level 4 - Rising Star

This level takes your dancing to new heights by combining moves from Level 3 into more advanced variations that require superior dance technique. The added complexity comes from the speed of execution and sequencing of move variations. Upon completing this level, you'll reach the esteemed Rising Star level, signifying your impressive progress and mastery in the world of dance.

Each class is independent to each other and repeat every 12 weeks.

Level 5 - Star Level

In this pinnacle level, you'll combine even more advanced variations of moves that require exceptional body movement control, as well as precise weight transfers and frame control. The focus will be on perfecting techniques and executing complex moves with greater control of dance techniques. Once you complete this level, you'll reach the distinguished Star level, showcasing your outstanding proficiency and dedication to the art of dance.

Each class is independent to each other so you can join this level at any time.

Level 6 - Open Level Mastery

The focus in Level 6 is on the finer details of dance technique. We will delve deep into body movement, teaching you how to move with grace, precision, and fluidity. We will also work on weight transfer techniques, ensuring that every step you take is balanced, controlled, and full of intent.

Each class is independent to each other so you can join this level at any time.

There's no completion for this level as the class theme change all the time.

Latin Dance for Everyone: A Special Offer for First timers

Have you ever desired to dance yet struggled with where to begin? The Caliente Dance Studio can help. We provide first-time students with a special opportunity to discover the appropriate latin dance class at their level at a discounted charge in order to make your transition into the Caliente latin dance world as seamless as possible. What's best? There is no obligation to to buy a package. You can discover your comfort zone, investigate several latin dance genres and level, and select the one that best suits you.

Comprehensive Dance Education: The Six-Tiered Approach

At Caliente Dance Studio, we understand that everyone's latin dance journey is unique. That's why we've developed a comprehensive six-tiered approach to latin dance education, catering to students at all levels. Whether you're a beginner just starting out or an experienced dancer aiming to refine your artistry, we have the perfect class to match your abilities and aspirations​1.

Our first five levels range from Foundation to Star Level, each designed to help students progressively build their skills and confidence. The Foundation Level focuses on teaching the fundamentals of dance, while the Star Level works on perfecting techniques and executing complex moves. In each stage of the journey, we promise an unforgettable adventure that will unlock your full potential as a dancer.

Once you achieve the five levels, level 6 is an open class mastery level where you can further improve your latin dance techniques and understanding.

Join Anytime: The Flexibility Advantage

In today's busy world, we understand that flexibility is key. That's why at Caliente Dance Studio, each class is independent, allowing you to join at any time that suits you. There's no need to wait for a new course or term to begin. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, you can start your latin dance journey right now​1​.

The dance floor at Caliente Dance Studio is not just a place to learn new steps and moves. It's a space where you can express yourself, meet new people, and build your confidence. So why wait? Lace up your dance shoes and embark on an unforgettable latin dance adventure with us at Caliente Dance Studio. You'll leave each class not just as a better dancer, but as a more confident and expressive individual. Let's dance!

Latin Dance proposed at Caliente Dance Studio Singapore

Salsa Solo and Partner Dance

Bachata Solo and Partner Dance

Brazilian Zouk Partner Dance

Kizomba Partner Dance

Join us for a trial here:

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