Frequently asked questions

I booked a Trial Class, How do I reschedule my Class?

To reschedule a class, log in to our website ( using the same email address as the one that you have used to book your Trial class. If this is your first time and your password is not recognized, try to reset your password first. Once you are logged in, you can access your class bookings in the members' area, and reschedule it. For detailed step by step follow this link IMPORTANT For Trial Class Students, you can only reschedule by login to our website ( You cannot cancel your class, if you cancel your class, it will not be refunded and you will simply loose your booking. If you have any doubts please contact us by email ( before cancelling your booking. If you have issues doing it please contact us at

Can I do Solo Salsa and/or Bachata?

Yes! Salsa and Bachata can be danced solo and this is usually for fun or more serious performance. Solo class will also help you build confidence, as it will teach you to dance on your own and improve your balance and weight transfer.

Do I need to bring heels?

Not necessarily. You can dance with sneakers, but for more advance moves that require more spinning technicques it is better to invest in good quality Dance heels.

What if I can't make it for a Class?

You have up to 4 hours before the class to reschedule your class. If you have a plan you can cancel your class (up to 4 hours before the class) and your credit will be given back to your plan. If you book a single class or a trial class, and if you cancel your booking, you will loose your booking and no refund, no rebooking will be given to you. You can still reschedule your class (up to 4 hours before the Class).

Do you have Discounts

Yes, if you buy a plan you will get discounted price. The more hours the better the discount. Further more you can spin our wheel of fortune anytime you want to purchase a new plan as long as you have a valid plan or when you are taking a trial class.

Do I need to bring a partner?

Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba are social partner dance which means you can dance with anybody. As such you don't need to bring a partner as we will rotate partners frequently during class. For Solo Class, you will learn how to dance Salsa and Bachata as a solo dance, so you don't need a partner. You can bring your friends to learn with you!

I bought a Plan, How can I book, reschedule, cancel a Class?

Your Plan gives you access to a certain number of Classes. Each Class must be booked using our Website or the Spaces by Wix mobile App. Option 1: Use Spaces by Wix mobile app Download and join the Spaces by Wix mobile app. Iphone Android Once you have installed the app, use the 3 dots button at the top right of the apps and use "Join with Invite Code". Enter G1LNTX to join. The first time you join, you will need to reset your password to log in. Use the Forget password functions to reset your password. With the Spaces by Wix mobile App, you can view your current Plan, your remaining number of classes, your bookings. You can also book your class, reschedule and cancel them. Option 2: Log in to our website ( Use your Email or Facebook or Google. If you use Facebook or Google, make sure your profile is linked to the same email than the one you use to book your Plan. If you have booked a trial class and have purchased a plan we will book your plan against the same email you used to book your trial class. Once you are log in you will be able to: - Go to your booking to reschedule or cancel your future bookings. You can also see your booking history. - Go to the group class page and book the class you want to join using your current Plan If you need assistance in booking your Class, please email us at or call Ali at +65 90053482, and we will assist you with your log in.