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Meet The Team



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Back in 2010, Ali Lujah was introduced to Latin music and Dance in Guatemala and Colombia for 2 years where social dancing was prevalent even along the streets. He also witnessed high quality Salsa performances during a trip to Cali and decided to learn Latin dancing. An enthusiastic individual, In 2017, Ali won a Salsa Competition in Singapore and a Bachata Competition in Vietnam.


He is the main Artistic Director of Caliente Dance Studio and has been choreographing for performances and competition items since 2016.



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Janey's interest in Latin dance developed when she started learning Spanish. Intrigued by the language and culture, she travelled to Spain where she was introduced to Bachata. Since her return to Singapore, Janey began to participate in numerous performance teams and bootcamps during her first year of dancing.

In 2016, she won the Singapore Bachata Championship. Later in 2018, she competed  in the prestigious Las Vegas Ultimate Latin Dance Championship and emerged 3rd runner ups in the Finals. Janey is the Co-Artistic founder of Caliente Dance Studio.

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Rosanna started street latin dances entirely by chance when she signed up for the first available partner dance class. It was love at first step, and there was no turning back. In her continuous endeavour for improvement and perfection, Rosanna joined performance teams and also competed in multiple competitions in the region and clinched the championship in Bachata (Open) in Vietnam and Salsa (Open) in Singapore.

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Shilpi started her dance journey many years ago, doing various classical Indian forms. She began her Latin dance journey at Caliente Dance Studio, and immediately fell in love. Since then, she has been involved in numerous Salsa, Bachata, Lady Styling solo and partner dance performance teams.


In her rare non-dance days, Shilpi is a certified nerd who obsessively does crosswords and puzzles. She also enjoys a relaxing beach day, although she has also emphasized that a tan is neither required nor necessary. 



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Robin has been exposed to latin dance since an early age back in Mexico where he spent his childhood, being part of a culture where dancing is part of everyday life. When he came to Asia he started looking for the small latino community to feel closer home, and few years back he joined Caliente Dance Studio, since then he has participated in multiple performances and choreographies looking for improvement, and happy to contribute to spread and share about latin culture around Singapore and Asia.

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