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Caliente Latin Fiesta 2022 by Ali Lujah

I finally got some time to reflect on our first Caliente Latin Fiesta. It was a real rollercoaster with a lot of things to organise at the same time. Opening a new studio and organising this event at the same time? Why?

It all started in March 2020 when the Covid restrictions hit us in Singapore and we had to postpone CALIF2020. This was supposed to be our first international event. We postponed it once then second time and decided early 2022 to cancel it and refund the remaining ticket holders.

Since we reopened in July 2020 we went through a lot of difficulties and we had to manage a lot of unknown. From having to change social distancing rules every months to having to find ways to still provide classes and organise performances, we never gave up and this is thanks to the awesome crew at Caliente Dance Studio!

This period allowed us to refocus on the why we do what we do, which is building the street latin dance community, bringing value to our students and contribute to the development of street Latin dance as both a social dance activity and a performing art.

After the CALIF failure, I didn’t want to organise an event anymore. I just wanted to stop the non sense and only focus on growing our studio and inspiring more people in Singapore to start dancing. And I think we have contributed to ignite a lot of dancing flames in the past 2 years.

While organise the opening of our new studio, something just hit me in the back of my mind. Told myself we need to celebrate this milestone for Caliente and for our community. And the name of this celebration just came so naturally: Caliente Latin Fiesta

We will celebrate what we do. Salsa and Bachata both put together in a big social dance party. Inviting street Latin dance performers in Singapore to join us in this celebration, giving them exposure, and bringing selected international Latin dance talents in Singapore to keep our community connected to the best dancers in the world and be inspired by them. And of course giving opportunity to our own Caliente dance crew to perform. And to close the event a big Latin fiesta Pool Party.

And the rest is history! Awesome event, 200+ dancers each nights, amazing social dancing, fun jack and Jill, crazy Latin music, awesome shows by our guest artists Simone and Serena, Abdel and Lety and guest dance crew from En motion and our own Caliente Students and Caliente dance performance teams. And finally a crazy pool party with again around 200 people. Didn’t know we could pack so many there!

Thank you Janey for your continuous support in driving Caliente where it is now. We’re not done yet! I know you’re impatient to do more and get Caliente way higher up there. You’re pushing us to go there. Let’s enjoy the process!

Thank you Rosanna for helping in everything I do, tolerating me and helping me believe in myself. And being the strongest pillar in Caliente Dance Studio as an instructor and class manager and event organisation planner!

Thank you to our Caliente dance Students for having the courage to go there and perform in front of a house full of seasoned dancers. You did it, and I hope you will continue your journey in both social dance and performing art.

Thanks you En Motion, Nick and Vivi for bringing your crew to perform. Unfortunately other dance studios didn’t have the time to prepare for this event.

Thank you to our guest artists Abdel and Lety and Simone and Serena for all the workshops, the performances and the social dances.

Special thanks for the helpers Joyce, Jethro, Toshi and Robin

Special thanks to Shilpi for doing a good emcee Job!

Special thanks for Ashish and Jian Bao for the awesome music during the 3 nights.

Thank you to all the participants for coming and taking workshops and dancing with us at socials. Without you, there’s no event at the end of the day!

Thank you life for giving me the opportunities to do what I love!

If you’ve made it until here, I’m thinking Should we do a Caliente Latin Fiesta in 2023?Let me know in the comments.

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