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Ignite your Dancing Flame

Your FIRST Salsa and Bachata Solo Dance Class
$9.90 Only (U.P. $19.90)

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This class is ideal for anyone without any dance background and you will learn the basics of Salsa and Bachata as a Solo dance.

Classes Schedule

Tuesday and Friday

7:30pm Salsa and 8:30pm Bachata


12pm Salsa and 1pm Bachata


#05-01 Cecil Building

137 Cecil Street 
Singapore 069537

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Show me how it looks

Salsa Solo Dance

Bachata Solo Dance

What is Salsa and Bachata Social Dance?

You might have heard about it or maybe it's the first time you ever heard about these Dances.

In any case it's always good to refresh or to learn something new.

And what is the best way to discover a dance than through watching a video?

Check out Our Caliente Dancers perform a fun Salsa solo routine!

Check out how Bachata Solo Dance looks like!

Are you inspired yet?

So what is Salsa and Bachata Solo Dance?

Let's Start with Bachata Solo Dance

Bachata is a social dance from the Dominican Republic. This dance has gained a lot of exposure in the last few years and evolved to a more modern form that can be dance on remix of popular pop songs.

It is usually danced with a partner but can also be danced as a solo dance, while it is very common overseas, it is now gaining more popularity in Singapore.

It is a very fun way to exercise and to express yourself through music!

What about Salsa Solo Dance?

Salsa is a dance that was created fairly recently with the mixture of many different styles and musical techniques that all came together in Cuba, land that was home of the many Latin dances and music styles.

After achieving popularity in Cuba, visiting musicians from United States soon became intoxicated with this awesome music and dance style, carrying it back to the states where they kick-started popular age of Latin music domination that never stopped.

Salsa is also a social dance that is usually danced with a partner, but it is very common now to dance Salsa as a solo dance. 
Salsa is fast paced and will definitely get your heart pumping!

Why Should You be Dancing?

Dancing has the power to completely transforms Lives!

It’s a great exercise, it builds self-confidence and coordination and it is a fantastic way to meet new people.

Dancing provides Physical Benefits

Dancing is exercise, so the physical benefits of dancing will be similar to that of cardio activities.
It will help Improve your cardiovascular health, your Balance and Strength and it is gentle on your body.
Dancing will also promotes a healthy lifestyle as you will become more conscious of taking care of your body.

Dancing provides Cognitive Benefits

Learning Social Dancing helps you improve your coordination and rhythm as well as your connection with a Partner, as you need to move with another person.
Therefore it helps
strengthen your mind-body connection and your ability to coordinate your movement with a partner.

Dancing is an Excellent Social Activity

By going to class, you will meet like-minded people of both genders with a common interest.
You will also
boost your self-confidence while learning and nailing your new moves.
You will
make a lot of new friends and discover a whole new world of Fun!
And let’s be honest, being able to dance definitely
increase your attractiveness!

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#05-01 Cecil Building

137 Cecil Street 
Singapore 069537

Contact: +65 9005 3482


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