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5 ways to keep improving your Salsa and Bachata dancing during Covid

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Covid 19 has spoiled many plans for 2020. Were you dancing almost everyday before the Circuit breaker? Suddenly at a loss at what to do now? Even as Singapore slowly opens up from the circuit breaker, things will never be the same. As we move to a new normal, we have to adjust to changes and take precautions. You may not be able to go to the studio or have training/classes/practices as often, but that’s no excuse to slack and give up!

Here are 5 things to help in your ever-improving dance journey:


It’s important to create a space where you can move around and have big movements. But we understand that not everyone has this. Practicing fundamentals does not require that much space. Not to mention, this gives you the chance to practice doing firm, grounded, small and, for the followers, lady-like steps. Which we know are ever important on a crowded social dance floor.


The majority of us do not have a dance studio in our home, and as such, do not have awesome dance floor quality flooring. We can however, make the best by cleaning up to make sure that our home flooring is free of grease and dirt.


Dance heels are not entirely ideal for home usage, especially if you are trying to protect your heels from damage. Have an old pair of heels lying around that has been well-seasoned? This may in fact work out well to ease the friction against regular marble floorings.

Have heels you hardly use, because it is not of the ideal heel height/width for you? Now is also the perfect time to use them.

Socks are a good alternative too! Use them to replace your dance heels when you practice spins and turns.


Invest in a speaker to hear music in HD just like in the studio. It’s important to be able to hear the intricacies of the music and immerse yourself in it to make the best of each practice session. Try wireless earbuds if you want to avoid disturbing your family members, although it might be a good idea to immerse and inspire them with your passion for dancing!


Not everyone big mirrors to practice at home. But then again, that’s not necessary. A small standing mirror works, enough to watch yourself. There is so much to already watch with that, from body movement to footwork. A personal device is your best friend aside from a standing mirror. Turn on your phone/ipad/laptop on selfie mode and you can see yourself that way. Record yourself too, then you can watch the playbacks to correct and improve on each practice. This also helps track your progress over time.

Zoom a friend

Motivation doubles when you have a friend to practice with you. Schedule regular sessions with a friend. Together, it’s easier to figure out moves, and support each other to do better. The extra pair of eyes also helps to point out details that you can work on for self improvement.


Dancing is no easy feat. To be able to dance to the best of our capability, we need to have a good fitness level. Add a small fitness routine for a start. Consistency is key, even 10 minutes a day can do wonders~

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