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What Fun Activities can you still enjoy during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)?

From 22 July 2021 to 18 August 2021 (both dates inclusive), social gathering group sizes are reduced to a maximum of 2 persons. Dining-in at all F&B establishments are not allowed and Gyms are closed :(

So you might ask yourself:

"what can I do if I want to meet a friend and can't even have a coffee at the local coffeeshop?"


"where can I engage in some safe social activity to maintain my physical and mental health?"

Good news! There are still some activities that are allowed to continue for groups of 2 people.

Have you ever heard of Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba Partner Dance?

What is Salsa Partner Dance?

Salsa is a dance that was created through a mixture of many different styles and musical techniques in Cuba - the origin and home to many Latin dance forms and music styles. Visiting musicians from United States soon became intoxicated with its upbeat music and dynamic dance style, and brought it back to the States where they kick-start the interest in Latin music and culture that continues to influence many new music, art, and movie production today.

Watch how Salsa looks like

What is Bachata Partner Dance?

Bachata dance was created in the Dominican Republic and has evolved into a very popular form of dance in the recent years. Compared to Salsa, the Bachata dance is slower. The rise of interest in Modern Bachata also means that most of the music production and dance style in the recent years are more romantic, and has incorporated elements from contemporary music genre including hip hop and R&B.

Watch how Bachata looks like

What is Kizomba Dance?

Kizomba is an African dance characterised by close partner connection and smooth, grounded movement. Also affectionately known as "African Tango", in Kizomba, there is no “basic step” to be repeated continuously throughout the dance like the fashion of ballroom dance forms. Instead, movement with the music is the priority, and steps are incorporated according to the range of your vocabulary. Kizomba can be successfully danced with only four or five moves, and yet mastery lies in the subtlety of movement and of the lead-follow connection. That’s what makes the dance as exciting as it is.

Watch how Kizomba looks like

Why should you pick up Partner Dance?

Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba are danced all over the world. The magic of these dances is that you can go anywhere in the world and when the music plays, you can dance with any stranger. That is why it is also known as a social dance that connects people of different culture, and different languages together. Think about dancing on the streets of Latin America, where Salsa music can be heard frequently. Or in a Latin bar, where Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba music are played.

This is the magic of social dancing. But of course once the pandemic is over :)

This is the perfect time to pick up a new skill and hobby.

About our Trial Classes

You can try these 3 dances at Caliente Dance Studio! We offer up to 3 trial classes every week, and it only cost $9.90 per person per dance.

All necessary safety measures are in place so you can enjoy a fun activity during this Phase 2 period without any stress.

During the class, there is no rotation between pairs and each group of 2 persons must keep a distance of 2 meters between each others.

Masks are also to be worn at all time during the class.

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