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Caliente Salsa and Bachata Student Spotlight - Singapore - Faith

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

This week, let us introduce to you one of our dancer who has been doing both Salsa and Bachata solo dance classes!

Meet Faith :)

How did you get into learning Salsa and Bachata dance?

I’ve been wanting to learn Salsa dance for a really long time and decided to pick it up after circuit breaker! I went for a trial class at Caliente Dance Studio, then signed up for Salsa and Bachata solo dance because it was really fun 😍

What’s your favorite dance class at Caliente Dance Studio so far and why?

Sounds cheesy, but probably every class! The instructors are always so patient and the choreo is always cool (even if i end up smoking it 👀👀)

What do you enjoy the most from dancing?

It’s really liberating: there’s no judgment, I always feel like I can let loose and have fun. It always makes me smile! 😊

What reasons would you give to someone to start learning how to dance?

It’s so much fun! It looks daunting at first, but everyone in class is always supportive and helpful, no one is being judgmental, and we’re all here to enjoy ourselves so you should too!

What Salsa or Bachata song do you like the most?

Oh gosh I have no idea what the names are but the choreo songs always get stuck in my head after class HAHA

Thank you for sharing your salsa and bachata dance passion with us!

Caliente Team.

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