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Caliente Salsa and Bachata Student Spotlight - Singapore - Ary

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

This week we asked one of our Performance Training Class Student to answer few questions.

Meet Ary!

How did you get into learning Salsa and Bachata?

When I was little in Moscow I went to a ballroom dance school with my sister where I learnt the basics but had to drop out after almost 2 years because I didn’t manage to get a partner. And that was a very competitive and commercial world of ballroom dancing, but I loved the surface of it - the dresses, the glossy hairstyles, the fancy pace of the dancers.

But the actual latino style of dancing I got introduced to when I came to China to study in 2009 when I was 17 years old. I got a Mexican classmate Ebed who later became my best friend and he threw a Mexican party right on the first Friday of the semester and taught all of us, the russian, korean, indonesian and other students, how to dance salsa and dance with passion, how to drink beer properly and have fun how the Mexicans do.

Then I got a Colombian boyfriend Alejandro who introduced to me also merengue and reggaeton, but somehow we never danced bachata, mainly just salsa at Salsa Caribe club back in Beijing in 2009-2010, this club was an ambassador of the latino dance parties in China at that time and sadly got demolished last year.

At my university we had a lot of students from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Dominican Republic and with them I got to dance bachata from around 2014 mostly at the parties, so I never really learnt the dance moves properly, just went with the flow and followed the partner.

What’s your favourite Dance so far and why?

I love Salsa for its fiery music which makes your hips and legs start to move by themselves, how fast and fun it is and all the spins.

And I love bachata for the slower and sensual pace, definitely that is a dance of romance.

I had definitely fallen in love only after dancing together and more than once, haha.

What do you enjoy the most from Dancing?

Dancing really liberates you and is a way of not only expressing your character, but also a way to develop your more adventurous and passionate sides. For me when I dance I make a stronger bond with friends, and people also open up differently when they dance than just when they talk or drink. And it is just so much fun, I love latino music and dancing to it.

What reasons would you give to someone to start learning Dancing?

Dancing is art which helps you to explore your soul and a great sport which keeps you fit and makes you feel more in touch with music! And also it’s a free therapy, so if you’re bored, tired or just dying for love - start dancing and you will start a romance with your own body and your soul first.

What Salsa or Bachata song do you like the most?

My all time favorite is the classic salsa song “La vida es un carnival” by Celia Cruz which I heard the first time from Ebed and which became my life motto.

For bachata - a recent song I heard at Caliente is “Caramelo” by DJ Tronky and Marco Puma.

Also have to say I love “Suavemente” by Elvis Crespo for merengue.

Thank You Ary for being such a great passionated dancer and an inspiration for our community!

Caliente Team.

Visit us if you want to try one of our Salsa and/or Bachata Trial Class.

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