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Caliente Salsa and Bachata Student Spotlight - Shirley

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Today, let us introduce to you one of our Salsa and Bachata solo shines dancer 😍❤️‍🔥

Meet Shirley!

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hello, I'm Shirley. I work as a full-time UI/UX designer here in Singapore. My job is to design the user journey, information architecture, interactions until every pixel of a digital product - like websites and apps. I used to be in the design team for local products most of you have used - from shopping to banking. Ironically, I am not a big fan of shopping.

How did you get into learning Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and/or Zouk dance in Singapore?

During lockdown period I started trying out dancing along with videos to keep myself active and fell in love with it. After the pandemic I was like an unleashed animal from cage eager to spend all my free time outside. I wanted inter-human connection as well hence I looked for dancing studios. Caliente Dance Studio showed up on the top of search results and apparently they offer reasonable price for the trial classes. I started Salsa dance classes first and then shifted to Bachata dance classes afterwards.

What is your favourite dance class and why?

I love all Bachata dance classes that I have signed up for! (If I don’t, what brings me to level 4?) Thanks to Caliente Dance Studio I feel the challenges in each level are just appropriate and moderate - it brings me beyond what I can dance now, but instructors will always ensure I get it at the end of the class.

What do you enjoy the most about dancing Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and/or Zouk?

Music, movement and mastery. I feel good about myself because I always became a better dancer, compared to who I was before the class.

What reasons will you give to someone to start learning how to dance Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and/or Zouk?

Simply moving my body with the Latin music can bring joy and sense of achievement as I start to master more challenging steps. I believe you will get what I am saying!

Which Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and/or Zouk song do you like the most?

To be honest, songs don’t matter too much to me. Any song that can be danced to is a good song.

Caliente Team.

Visit us and try our Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Zouk trial dance classes in Singapore ❤️

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