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Caliente Salsa and Bachata Student Spotlight - Beatrice

Today, let us introduce to you one of our Salsa and Bachata partner dance student😍❤️‍🔥

Meet Beatrice!

How did you get into learning Salsa and Bachata dance in Singapore?

I’ve started to show interest in Latin dance ever since the age of 12 but I did not have the time to take up lessons as I was busy with school leaderships and CCAs. One day, I was scrolling through ClassPass and I saw that Caliente Dance Studio offers Salsa dance and Bachata Solo dance class. So I decided to give it a shot, as it has been a while since I’ve stopped dancing due to the pandemic in 2020.

What is your favourite dance class and why?

I like every class that I went to! If I need to choose, it’ll be Bachata partner dance! Classes here at Caliente Dance Studio makes you feel like you are home, and the vibe and energy here is something that I look forward to when I come for class!

What do you enjoy the most about dancing Salsa and Bachata?

I enjoy making new friends and feeling confident! The beautiful friendship that was built here, the vibes and the Latin music!!

What reasons will you give to someone to start learning how to dance Salsa and Bachata?

Just do it! Might or might not be something that you will like, but it is good to give it a shot!

Which Salsa or Bachata song do you like the most?

Salsa: La Comay by Sonora Carruseles, Harold Pelaez Bachata: Darte un Beso by Prince Royce

Caliente Team.

Visit us and try our Salsa and/or Bachata Trial Class in Singapore ❤️

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