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Caliente Salsa and Bachata Student Spotlight - Audrey

This week, let us introduce to you one of our Salsa and Modern Bachata solo shines and partner dancer!

Meet Audrey, who has added much laugher and positive energy to our dance classes 😄

How did you get into learning Salsa and Bachata in Singapore?

When I was in America last year, my Latin American friends would try to twirl me and ask me to dance with them to Salsa music whenever we had parties. Back then I didn’t even know how to move my hips even after my Mexican housemate tried to teach me for 1/2hour.

So I spent next two hours in my room in front of the mirror, learning how to move my hips with “basic hip action” videos on Youtube. No kidding! So when I got back to Singapore, I decided to try out Salsa partner classes at Caliente Dance Studio... then of cos, I fell in love with it even more. Subsequently, I joined Bachata partner classes too. And then Salsa and Bachata Solo Classes. It’s been a blast.

What is your favorite dance class and why?

Hmm, it’s a close fight between Salsa and Bachata partner classes. But I would choose Salsa partner class because I like the moves!

What do you enjoy the most about dancing Salsa and Bachata?

Dancing helps me to relax and let go of the things on my mind. Dancing keeps me fully engaged in the present and not think about anything else.

What reasons will you give to someone to start learning how to dance Salsa and Bachata?

To the adventurous, I would say, “Life is short! Learn a dance you’ve never done before, you might surprise yourself!”

To the shy ones, I would say, “Grab a friend along, dance and have fun together. Shared experiences deepen relationships!”

Which Salsa or Bachata song do you like the most?

Yo No Sé Mañana - Luis Enrique

Thank you for sharing your salsa and bachata dance passion with us!

Caliente Team.

Visit us to try one of our Salsa and/or Bachata Trial Class in Singapore

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