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Caliente Dance Studio's 5th Anniversary: A Weekend of Salsa, Bachata, and Unforgettable

Join us for an unforgettable weekend of dancing, workshops, and parties as we celebrate our 5th anniversary in style!

It's time to dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to celebrate Caliente Dance Studio's 5th anniversary! We are proud to announce an incredible weekend of salsa and bachata dance events, taking place from 2 to 4th of June 2023. To mark this milestone, we have organized a fantastic lineup of events that will make this a weekend to remember for all Latin dance enthusiasts.

The celebration will feature 12 workshops led by renowned instructors, three incredible Latin dance parties, a pool party, and an unforgettable Saturday night shows as well as the Havana live band. Read on to find out more about what's in store during this spectacular weekend.

1. Salsa and Bachata Workshops with Renowned Artists and Caliente Instructors

Over the course of the weekend, we will be offering a total of 12 workshops designed to cater to dancers of all levels. We are thrilled to have internationally renowned salsa artists Adolfo and Tania, as well as acclaimed bachata artists Kike and Nahir , joining us to teach four workshops each, tailored specifically for level 3 and above students.

In addition to these amazing guest instructors, our very own talented Caliente instructors Ali, Janey, and Rosanna will also be teaching a total of four workshops suitable for level 3 and above students. These workshops will provide a fantastic opportunity for students to learn from the experienced instructors who have helped shape Caliente Dance Studio into the thriving community it is today.

To ensure that students can attend all of the workshops they're interested in, the 12 workshops will be staggered throughout the weekend. This thoughtful scheduling allows students to fully immerse themselves in the learning experience and make the most of this unique opportunity to learn from such an incredible lineup of instructors.

2. Latin Dance Shows and Parties with Top DJs and Havana Live Band

What better way to practice your new dance moves than by attending one of our three Latin dance parties? Each evening will feature a different theme and showcase a mix of salsa, bachata, and other popular Latin dance styles. Dance the night away to the pulsating beats of our professional DJs, including DJ Marc, DJ Haihan, DJ TJ, and DJ Janey, while enjoying delicious refreshments and meeting other dance enthusiasts.

The highlight of the weekend will undoubtedly be the Saturday night party, featuring a live performance by the renowned Havana band. Experience the passion and energy of Latin music as the band takes you on a journey through the rhythms of salsa, bachata, and other popular Latin genres.

In addition to the Havana live band, the Saturday night show will feature dazzling dance performances by Adolfo and Tania, Kike and Nahir and our talented instructors and students, showcasing the skills they have acquired at Caliente Dance Studio. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the talent and passion that defines our vibrant community.

3. Caliente Latin Sunset Pool Party

To beat the heat and add some extra fun to the weekend, we will be hosting a pool party on Sunday 4th June from 5pm to 9:30pm.

Bring your swimsuits and get ready to dance, swim, and socialize in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This event is the perfect opportunity to unwind and cool off after a day of exciting workshops.

This 5th-anniversary celebration is our way of saying thank you to our amazing community of students, instructors, and Latin dance lovers who have supported us throughout the years. We hope to continue fostering a love for salsa and bachata dancing for many more years to come.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable weekend of dance, music, and fun! Space is limited, so be sure to secure your spot by purchasing your tickets in advance. For more information on ticket pricing and the full event schedule, please visit our event page.

Caliente Students and Followers can all get 10% off their tickets by using the promo code:


We can't wait to see you there!

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