World Mastery Program

Caliente Dance Studio is the first, and only dance studio in Singapore to offer structured and progressive World Mastery syllabus from various world best dancers.

Our instructors, Ali and Janey, are guided and certified in techniques and execution by various renowned International Dance Artists. Dancers will learn strong fundamental basics, lead and follow techniques, as well as fancy moves to spice up their social dance. 

Sosa Style Salsa On1 

According to Fernando Sosa, Salsa is the free expression of the musical mix that lives inside oneself. His style has reached millions of people and today he’s one of the main representatives of Salsa internationally. All our syllabus are from Sosa style Salsa technique, and pedagogy throughout his entire lifetime on stage, in class and in the Tropical Gem Dance Company.

Daniel y Desiree Sensual Bachata

Since Daniel y Desiree won the Spain Bachata championship in 2010, their dancing style has made heads turn all over the world. They are also two-time world champions of Bachata, and they are the pioneers and ambassadors of the sensual style. All our Bachata classes are based on DyD moves and techniques.

Isabelle and Felicien Kizomba

In short, Isabelle and Félicien are a story of passion. They fell in love many years ago and they have made other dancers fell in love with them since the first moment they put foot on a stage. In their choreographies, they combine their technique and innovative spirit, apart from their elegance and authenticity, what make them special. Nowadays, they are considered as one of the global benchmark couples of Kizomba. 

Korke y Judith Sensual Bachata 

Korke is the creator of the Bachata Sensual style more than 13 years ago. In Spain, he is known as the "Master of Masters" as he is the teacher of many of the top Bachata couples in this style. He is also founder of the BachataStars competition that has launched the careers of some of the current top bachata dancers like Daniel & Desiree, Chavez & Silvia, Ronald & Alba and others.

Adrian y Anita Salsa On1

6 times world champions who believe that everything is possible: you only have to know what to do and how. 

Alex and Desiree are one of the leading couple representing Dominican Style Bachata. They are also part of the official judging panel at The World Salsa Summit and The Bachatea World Masters in Madrid.

Alex y Desiree Dominican Bachata