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Caliente Dance Studio is founded by Ali Lujah and Janey. Both are passionate individuals who celebrate life through dancing and travelling. They first met in 2014 and have since explored various Latin dance styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Kizomba together through social dancing, performances and competitions. By 2018, Ali and Janey were certified by renowned international artist such as Fernando Sosa, Adrian y Anita, Daniel y Desiree, Alex y Desiree, Korke y Judith under the World Mastery program. 

Back in 2010, Ali Lujah was heavily introduced to Latin music in Guatemala and Colombia for 2 years where social dancing was prevalent even along the streets. He also witnessed high quality Salsa performances during a trip to Cali and eventually decided to learn Latin dancing when he moved to Singapore. An enthusiastic individual, Ali performed in numerous student teams and bootcamps during his first year of dancing. By his second year of dancing, he has already participated in 5 competitions with 2 wins and 3 first runner ups. 


Janey's interest in Latin dance developed when she started learning Spanish. Intrigued by the language and culture, she travelled to Spain where she was introduced to sensual Bachata. Likewise for Janey, she has also participated in numerous performance teams and bootcamps during her first year of dancing. She also won the Singapore Latin Championship first place for Bachata shortly after her first student team performance. In 2018, Ali and Janey competed together in the prestigious Las Vegas Ultimate Latin Dance Championship and emerged 3rd runner ups in the Finals.  

Together, Ali and Janey's vision for Caliente Dance Studio is to inspire people to express their individuality and creativity through dancing. They hope to motivate dancers of all levels to become outstanding social dancers and performers who appreciate hard work, consistency and passion in dancing. Students should also strive to be the best  Caliente Dance Studio also aspires to create an environment where the process of learning is safe, fun and the outcome is rewarding. They also strive to foster a sense of family where individuals are friendly, encouraging and mindful of both themselves and fellow dancers. 

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